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Vanilla Wedge "RAT" Wedge - Black (low Stock)

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Minor blemishes, Major savings . Sometimes shipping and manufacturing just doesn't work out. These heads are legal, have legal grooves, and proper specs - the issue is in the plating on the toe. These are pretty major cosmetic blemishes, but they do not impact performance, just looks. The gallery photo is about average - actual blemishes may vary slightly.

Unfortunately there was an issue on a few batches, but that's your gain!!!

This is the Vanilla wedge. It is meant to be a no-nonsense utility tool. The Vanilla is not pretty, it's not perfect, it's not meant to be babied and re-sold. It's meant to perform, to wear, and to be a scoring tool.

Each head is forged 8620 and hand finished to my spec by the forging house. They are then bent, and spec checked at The Club Nut in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at the time of order. This is NOT an assembly line wedge.

Versatile grind is good on hard pan as well as soft ground. Additional heel relief and shaping keeps the wedge from digging or "toe over" misses when playing lofted shots off tight lies.

  • 8620 Forged head.
  • Face Milling and Grooves Conforms with the rules of golf
  • Progressive bounce for each loft
  • Standard sole grind with additional Heel relief for a wide variety of shot making options and turf interaction performance. Additional sole grinding/relief available on request at a cost of $10 per wedge. Please contact with questions prior to order. Please note: Additional requested grinding is polished but un-sealed and may eventually show signs of "browning" or rust without proper care.
  • Loft/Bounce Hand stamped on back near heel. See Loft/Lie option
  • Hosel ID is "universal" - .370 bore with .355 tip section. - Please note .355 shafts may require quick-center/Shaft beads or shims depending on the taper of the shaft.

Note: The Vanilla wedge head is made far lighter than average. approx 290g +/- If assembling on your own, you will likely need significant weight to achieve your desired swingweight, especially if using lighter or shorter shafts. The Vanilla was meant to build to 35.5" Playing Length with a standard 50g grip to meet the D2.5 swingweight.

Please note: Wedge orders are now being fulfilled in limited capacity. Due to COVID-19, shipping may be delayed. All orders are sent USPS Priority Mail with Tracking. Please keep an eye out for an email from the Ecwid store notifying you that your order has started processing.

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