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Club Crown Graphics, Shaftwraps, Custom ferrules & Grips.  Make your clubs into YOUR clubs. Available on all custom builds.



Let's map your clubs. Flex, length, loft, lie, vitals. Put it down on paper, yours to keep and do with as you wish. Know what is in your set to take with you on the never ending search for new equipment, or pinpoint why you can hit some clubs like Tiger, and some like Carl Spackler.


So you found the deal of a lifetime on your dream club but the shaft doesn't fit you. Or, maybe you got lessons and increased your swing speed. Don't buy a brand new club.  Let me remove the old shaft and install a brand new shaft of your choice from the 100s of offerings. Let's talk and squeeze the most out of your shots. 




It's happened to us all. One hard whack on the driving range turf and off with your $400 driver head.  Oddly enough, it always happens when the warranty is over! Don't throw it out, I can remove that old shaft and install the same model shaft or better. I can even save your old grip and maybe even that $40 loft and face angle adapter sleeve! 





Get that club to just the right size for you. A great budget solution for young players who are growing out of their old set too fast. Add up to 1 inch to steel or graphite shafts.




Nobody misses it until it's gone. That little black piece that blends your shaft into your clubhead. Re-epoxy or completely replace a broken or loose ferrule.


The grip is the point of interface between you and your club. Worn, slick grips lead to wrist tension and bad shots.  I can strip and replace those with new, tacky grips in a variety of styles and sizes.


Sometimes that old grip isn't bad but the shaft is. I'll save the old grip and reinstall it without damage onto your new club. A budget alternative to full regripping.


Let's spend some time on the range and take a good long look at what you're playing and what you need to succeed in this maddening game we all love. As a Fujikura Charter Dealer, I have outfitted my bag and various heads with an interchangeable variety of shafts to fit every need and budget. Let's get you into the best performance and bang for your buck.

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