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Michael Cearley
Mar 3, 2017

Vanilla Gap, Sand and Lob Wedges


I'm a wedge "junkie" that totes a near scratch handicap. By junkie I mean that I usually have 3 sometimes 4 wedges in my bag. I'm the guy that will tote 2 or 3 to the green with me and opt to chip when I'm just 6" off the green. Wedges are an extremely important and comfortable part of my game. I totally wear them out before reluctantly replacing them.

The past several years I have used Cleveland wedges with much success. Nearing the end of their life span I recently began shopping for some replacements. Like most folks, I don't sway far from home when it comes to replacing what I like. I stick to a certain brand and move forward. Always sticking to the same loft and bounce because (a) it's what works and (b) not many other options are in stock at your typical golf shop.

Then comes along Chris Embardino and his vanilla wedges. Having been acquainted with him for some time I began following his Facebook page. He advertised his intentions with creating a new brand of wedges and grabbed my interest. I asked numerous questions that were quickly and professionally answered. There were shaft options to go along with loft, lie and bounce options AND there was someone readily available to explain what would best fit my game. After much debate I ordered my first Vanilla wedge.

Right out of the box it felt great. Solid weight and gorgeous looking club head. I banged a half bucket of range balls and each one felt so smooth. I like to compare it to cutting a room temp stick of butter with a red hot knife.

After gaming this wedge a few rounds I ordered a lob and gap to the specs of my choice. Again, smooth solid feel with each shot. EXCELLENT green side manners with a feel I've never felt with any Cleveland or Vokey.

In summary, this club is gorgeous out of the box. It has a solid feel before hitting a ball and gets even better after you do. To top it all off the price is not budget breaking and well below the quality it provides! You will not be disappointed. Period.

Excellent job Chris.......Excellent job!

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  • Admin
    Jun 6, 2018

    Working on just over a year of gaming my three vanilla wedges and I'm more pleased now than I was when I first played them. As previously stated I'm a wedge junkie, scratch golfer and very dependent upon the performance of my wedge game. I've played all the big name brands and have yet to be disappointed with my decision to go with these wedges. Solid, yet butter soft feel that I've never felt in another wedge. Control like I've never had before. The best part.......... a club guru/ owner that is readily available to answer my questions and is willing to help. There's nothing better than speaking directly to the man in charge! Thanks again for an excellent product Chris!
  • mbroussardpt
    Feb 4, 2018

    Saw these wedges from a friend of mine. Beautiful from pics, but you never know till you game it. Price was reasonable enough to take a chance. I feel I owe Chris an aplogy for stealing from him. Easily the most consistently solid and PREDICTABLE wedges I’ve owned. Worth a try for any wedge junkie. Beautiful to the eye and more pleasing to the scorecard.
  • Benjamin Lawson
    Feb 16, 2017

    At the risk of sounding like a "fanboy" or "bombtechie" your wedges are great. They fit seamlessly with my set, and flat out preform. Got to finally give them a real test today and they can make all the shots my skill set allows.

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