I swung my first club at the age of 4 and was hooked ever since. I remember it was a "sawed off" 5 wood pieced together by my grandfather Joe (Pop-Pop to us kids), who was a huge fan of the game himself. In fact, I still have it. My first real swing connected flush and sent the ball screaming through a window on his front porch 20 yards away. He was proud, I was having the time of my life, and it started a life-long love affair that has only grown in intensity. Over the next 25 years, all i ever wanted to do was golf. I was addicted. Sun up to sun down I walked executive courses. We would spend hours watching the PGA and LPGA on TV in pop-pop's den. I played tournaments, won some, lost a lot. I got married and my wife Marie now plays and caddies for me whenever possible. She's my biggest fan and partner in the game of life. She understands it and yes, that was me practicing during our wedding photos.


Like many golfers, I wanted to shave strokes off my score in any way possible. I took lessons, I practiced, and I read books and tinkered. Back in 1998, The Club Nut as it's named today began with regripping clubs, shaft trimming and bending lie angles on my putter. For all the major stuff it was off to the local pro or the "big box stores".  After a bunch of wasted money and some broken and unusable equipment, it soon became clear that there was a lack of hands-on love of the game at these places. They do it to make a profit. I want to make a profit so I can continue to do it. I've paid for way too many "club fittings" that were about 20 minutes long and consisted of helping 3 or 4 other customers during that same time. There were just too many formulas and one-size-fits-all methods to fitting a golf club.  I had enough of this, so I decided it was time to take my love of technology and golf and merge them into one profession. 


To earn my sheepskin, I enrolled in the Golfworks Academy and have since completed my schooling in Fitting, Assembly & Repair. With this industry standard education and coupled with what I've learned on and off the course over 25+ years of serious golf and hands-on repair, I am well equipped to deal with the changes and needs your equipment may have. I am committed to earning and keeping your business through trust and understanding of your needs. I want to put in the time on your clubs that I would expect to be paid to my own. I have no allegiance to big OEM names and want only one thing - to make sure you have the best performing equipment you can have, no matter who makes it. 


I hope this all provides a little insight and personality into who will be handling your most precious items and equipment. Let's talk about what we can achieve.



What's in a philosophy? In an age where big name companies are shoving "new technology" down golfers' throats every few months, it's tough to find a place that really shares the insights of the regular Joes of golf. Local clubs are ground zero for knowledge, entertainment, and the golf experience as a whole, that's why The Club Nut partners with local clubs to get YOU the best service before, during, and after purchase even on products TCN doesn't carry! We will work with ANY manufacturer, ANY course, and ANY player from 1 to 100  - giving serious and factual information, instruction, and service.  

The Club Nut was founded on two principles:


1.  All golfers are worthy of a Tour quality experience, whether they play name brand clubs or not and no matter what their price point is.


2. The memory of bad quality will last far longer than the shock of any price or waiting period. 


What does this mean? It means when a player comes to me and says "I need clubs" or "I need repair and service", that I'm not thinking about the brand name clubs I was forced to purchase that are gathering dust on the rack so I could be an XYZ dealer. It is the duty of golf professionals and professional club builders to extract the very best golfer that is inside each individual and to know the technology so as to better educate the individual to complement their strengths and bolster any weakness in their game. Home delivery, convenient pickup at local clubs, and a better experience like you're talking to a very knowledgable buddy rather than someone who wants to sell you something or is too busy talking to another customer. I'm not thinking about what product I have to move and how much I can up-sell. I want the best fit for the player and I will do my best to educate them in areas that they could downsize and areas where they shouldn't, and in the end build them a set of clubs that will rival any of the big names. Sometimes smaller companies make a better quality product for less money - sometimes they don't - I will tell you either way. 


In reality, golf technology doesn't leap forward as fast as the major manufacturers would have you believe. The USGA sets limits on technology and the minute those limits are set, they are matched by the manufacturers so that they can stay competitive. What is released each time is a new gimmick -- moveable weights, adjustability, new paint jobs, and anything else they think will help sell a golf club. Truth is - most of these gimmicks try to take the place of a good club fitting. You go out and mess with it, find the setting you want and how often do you change it again? Each year it's the same - manufacturers say that their new club is X yards longer than the previous year's version. Really? If I gained a yard for every time that came true I'd be going backwards, yet it still suckers the golfing public into shelling out millions on the latest and greatest thing in hopes that it will miraculously make their golf game better when that money can be better spent on playing golf! On top of that, what kind of crap were they selling you last year that this year is so much better because of a hole in the metal? 


One size fits all is not something that you see a lot of in golf, other than maybe on hats or belts. Why is it that you go to a golf shop and buy the same clubs as everyone else with the same limited shaft selections? Believe me, if you want something different it's going to cost you - and you're going to wait. and wait.  and wait. 


The truth of the matter is that there is no substitute for a good fitting and a competent builder. Every detail counts. A fitting is not 20 minutes with a salesman while hitting balls into a net next to a computer. A fitting is a thoughtful conversation and an investment in the golfer and their game. A proper fitting is a follow-up appointment to make sure you're happy with your purchase. A proper fitter gets to know you and how you like to play the game and will tell you straight what's going on.  Come start a conversation with me - it's free. Let's see what we can do to make your clubs an extension of you and your best golf self.